Rules & Regulations



Selection of candidates is done  on  the  basis  of performance   in    the    qualifying  examination, following  the  usual  guidelines  of reservation as per government rules, including those of minority groups. A student once admitted into a particular group, is not allowed  to  change  his/her elective subjects.


1.Theory :

    1. Although  an  attendance  of  75% is sufficient for being   admitted to the University   Examination,  the  college  insists  on regular  attendance  at   all classes.  Therefore, no student  should  be  absent   from classes without    valid  reasons.  If  a student is absent even for one period  either  in  the  morning  session  or  in  the afternoon session,  he/she  will  lose  half a  day’s attendance.
    2. A  student  should  apply  for  leave  only  in  the prescribed  form.  Leave  may  be  granted only at the  discretion  of  the  Principal / Vice-Principal.
    3. When  a  student  takes  leave  for  a  day  or two, he/she  should  submit  his/her leave  letter either before  he/she takes leave or on the day of return from leave.
    4. If  leave  is  requested  for  reasons  of  illness for more than  two  days,  a  medical  certificate must be  attached  to  the  application  which  shall  be submitted  as  early  as  possible but not later than the day of return from leave.
    5. If a student is absent continuously for more than 12 working days without leave, his/her name will be removed from the rolls.
    6.  Permission for representing the college in extra curricular activities like sports, games, cultural festivals, N.C.C.,  N.S.S., etc., should be obtained in advance from the Principal/Vice-Principal, with a letter of request, duly recommended by the staff member/officer concerned.
    7. Every student is expected to check his/her attendance in the chart displayed on the notice board daily. In case of any discrepancy, he/she should get it rectified within two days. The necessary correction slips are available with the Vice-Principal.
    8. For irregular attendance, punishment will be imposed in the form of impositions, fine or both.

        2. Practicals:

    1.  Science students must attend all practical classes strictly. If they are  absent for any practical class, they must get it done in the same week with the permission of Head of the Department. The record must be submitted to the department a day before the next practical  class. If this is not done, they  will  not  be  allowed to sit for the next practicals and submit the records in time.
    2.  If  a  student  is  irregular to the practical classes, he/she  will  be  asked to bring his/her parent and see  the   Principal/Vice-Principal  failing  which, their  names  will  be  removed  from  rolls. Those students are liable to be sent from the college.
    3.  There will be no condonation at all for practicals. All requirements of attendance have to be strictly   fulfilled by every student. Otherwise,  he/she will not be  permitted  to go  for   University Examinations.
  1.  All  the  students  should  take  the  unit tests, quarterly, half-yearly and pre-final  examinations seriously. Nobody is allowed  to  be  absent from these examinations. If there is any difficulty prior written  permission  must  be  obtained  from  the Principal or vice-Principal
  2.  Penalties like imposition and/or fine may normally be imposed for those who are  absent  from  these examinations.
  3.  Repeated  irregularity  will  entitle suspension or dismissal from the college.
  4.  Copying in examinations is dishonest and unacceptable and is punishable with expulsion  from the college. Students should never attempt it and honestly do well in their studies.
  5.  If any one fails in all subjects, he/she will not be allowed to continue in the college.
  1. First bell is an indication for students of the beginning of classes. By the time second bell goes, all students should be in their class rooms. If anyone loiters in the verandahs, he/she would be punished. Third bell is an indication for the staff members to enter the class room. The intervals in between the classes are given for the staff members to change their classes. By the time the interval bell goes, all students should be in their respective class rooms.
  2. No student is allowed to enter the class room after the staff member enters the class room. If by chance anyone is late, he/she may be given the late slip by the Principal/Vice-Principal for valid reasons.
  3. College office will be open on all working days from 9:00a.m. to 4:00 p.m. including the lunch  interval. Students should finish all transactions during  the  free time. During the class hours they should not be outside their classes.
  4. Each  student  should  buy  pass-book  from  the library.  The  pass-book  is used for issuing books from the library. College identity  card will be for other purposes outside the college. It  should  be produced   whenever    the    Principal   or  Vice- Principal demands it.
  5. College   arranges   welcome  for  freshers by the Principal   and  the   staff.    No   other  welcome    functions are permitted.
  6.  There   should   be  no  place  in  this  college for  offences   like   eve-teasing,   fights/ragging,  boy-cotting   and  the   like.  These   will   be  viewed seriously and are punishable with expulsion from the college.
  7. Students  should  conduct  themselves  as friends, brothers  and  sisters.  They  should deal with the staff members with respect like their own parents. A  family  spirit  should  prevail   in   the  college. Mutual respect and love should be fostered among all the members of the college.
  8. Farewell  parties  can  be  arranged  only  by  the outgoing  students   of   the   third   year  among themselves with  guidance  from  their respective Heads of the Departments. In these functions they say farewell to the staff and for themselves. Vice- Principal  co-ordinates  these  functions.  During these functions class rooms and college premises should not be dirtied or decorated.
  9.  College  does  not  permit picnics for First and Second year  students  under  any circumstances. For third year   students,  the  Heads  of  the  Departments organise study tours during quarterly and half yearly holidays.    For    this,    students    should   get   a permission  letter  from their parents/guardian and   a  written  undertaking  that  the  college   is  not responsible for any mishaps or accidents that might   occur  during  the  study  tours.  The H.O.D. fixes place and the amount  they  should contribute for common expenses.  Students  should  follow  the instructions of the staff guide strictly  during  the tour. If any infringements occur, the college will view it seriously.
  10. Parents/relatives/friends are not be brought inside campus during class hours.
  11.  No one is allowed to take vehicles inside the college-campus.


  1.  Library is kept open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, including lunch interval.
  2.  Absolute  silence  shall  be  maintained inside the library. Loud consultations, animated conversations are strictly prohibited.
  3. There will be no open  access  into the library for the  students.  They  should  apply  for  books on    applications  after  referring to the index card.
  4. No student can take more than one book at a time. He/She can take it for a maximum of 10 days.
  5.  The  borrowed  books  should  be returned within 10 days. If they are not returned in time, a fine of 50 paise will be collected for every single day.
  6.  Text books can be kept for a period of 15 days.
  7.  No reference book will be issued.
  8.  With  regard  to  magazines  and  question papers, students need  to  give  their  identity  card to the reading room staff. In case they do not return them in the session, the cards  will  be  confiscated and duly reported to the Principal.
  9. Library pass-book is an absolute requirement for borrowing books and magazines from the library.
  10. If  a  book  is  missing  or  damaged,  the  student concerned should pay double the cost of the book magazine concerned.
  1. FEES
  1. College fees is to be paid in two installments, once in June and again in November. The last date for  payment  of  fees  will  be  indicated   on  the Notice Board, after which a fine will have to be paid.  Those who  do  not pay in another 10 days will have to pay additional fine.
  2. Similarly  the University examinations fees have to be  paid  within   the   prescribed   time.   Late applications and payment of examination fees will not be entertained.
  3.  If  condonation  fee  is  not paid on time, then the attendance particulars of  that  student will not be forwarded to the university. He/She  has to make a special request in writing to get it forwarded.